Waterborne heat

We supply complete systems with waterborne heat in the floor. This is a form of heating that is becoming increasingly popular due to the uniquely even and good heat. It is also a very energy efficient solution if you combine waterborne underfloor heating with a heat pump.

Good indoor climate

Waterborne heat provides a good indoor climate, and is recommended by the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association. You get an even heat distribution throughout the room, while underfloor heating is space-saving and simplifies cleaning and furnishing in the room.

A water-borne system is flexible and can be connected to a number of heat sources such as heat pumps, water heaters with a double flask or electric cassette. It is more energy efficient than electric panel heaters or heating cables, and will therefore lead to savings in the long run.

Facilitate future upgrades

It is entirely possible to set up a system that connects to a water heater, and then reconnect this to a heat pump in the future . Once the pipes have been laid, the heat source can be upgraded gradually.

Our underfloor heating systems come with good possibilities for regulation with modern thermostats and app control. You can also apply for Enova support when installing waterborne heat.


A possible practical obstacle to laying underfloor heating is that the floor must be opened. If this is not desirable, one can have waterborne heat in radiators or fan convectors. There has been a great development in both the design and function of radiators in recent years. We use Radiators from Purmo.

Are you considering waterborne heat?

Contact us for an inspection with one of our plumbers. We assess the building's heating needs and make a complete plan for the system.