Replace main water and drain pipes

Replacing main water and drain pipes in a home is often an extensive job. As a rule, you have to break the floor dividers and maybe also open walls to access the pipes.

We can replace main water and drainage pipes in everything from smaller apartments to houses on several floors and larger projects in housing associations. In buildings with several housing units, where the fire barrier must be broken in order to carry out the work, you must apply to the Planning and Building Agency. In such cases, we are responsible for the application and arrange for an independent inspector (this is required as part of the application).

Many people change pipes in connection with renovations

Many people like to combine the replacement of main water and drainage pipes with the renovation of bathrooms and wet rooms, because parts of the bathroom often have to be demolished to gain access to the pipes. Then you have to break the bathroom membrane, and the bathroom usually has to be completely renovated. Our sister company Oslo Bad & Renovering AS specializes in complete renovations and has extensive experience with bathroom renovations. Our plumbers collaborate on such assignments, so that you get specialists in their respective fields.

Fixed price for plumbing assignments

We have fixed prices on all assignments, so you know how much you have to pay for the work we do. Contact us to arrange further.