Install leak stoppers

How to prevent water leaks? A water leak can do enormous damage to your home, and it is wise to do what you can to prevent just this.

According to new regulations, water installations in rooms without drains must have leakage stops. The leak stopper has a sensor that detects moisture and automatically shuts off the water supply in the event of leaks.

The most common places to install leak stops are in the kitchen, toilet rooms without drains and rooms for water heaters. As refrigerators and coffee machines with water connections are becoming more and more common, these should also be secured.

Wireless Leak Stopper

Often several rooms in the same housing unit need leakage stops. In these cases, we use wireless systems that are connected to sensors in the various rooms. With a wireless system, it is also possible to connect everything to a control panel that can be used to stop the water in, for example, the hallway when you are on your way out the door on holiday.

You can read more about the wireless solution from Waterguard here.

Order a plumber

Do you want to install leak stops in your home? Contact our plumbers for a free inspection. We offer a fixed price for installation - completely without hidden costs.