Renovating bathroom

Our sister company Oslo Bad & Renovering AS's main niche is to completely renovate bathrooms and wet rooms, and several of the plumbers have extensive experience in renovating bathrooms. We can offer the plumbing part of such a project, ie full plumbing in the bathroom. If a carpenter, mason and electrician have already been booked, just get in touch to make an appointment.

We have good experience with the Roth system, and prefer to deliver this for bathroom refurbishment. But we can also work with other pipe systems. Our plumbers can connect built-in solutions, replace water and drain pipes and add waterborne heat if this is desired.

Design and application to the municipality

With hundreds of baths on our record we will of course assist with the design of the pipelines. Sometimes we have to break the fire barrier to get to the pipe system. In such cases, we help you apply to the municipality for a dispensation.

We have a 10-year guarantee for a leak-free pipe system in the bathroom!

Fixed price on plumber

There are no hidden costs here. We offer a fixed price for bathroom renovations. Please contact us for a casual chat.