When you choose a plumber from Oslo Rør og Varme, you get a skilled plumber with professional pride. We offer all services within pipes and heating - both small and large plumbing assignments.

Service Assignment Plumbing

Small plumbing assignments such as replacement of kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet, shower set, connection of new kitchen, replacement of toilet, repair or inspection / assessment of leaks, and other minor assignments. Send us a picture and explain what to do, and we will give a fixed price for the assignment. We have a fast response time.

Replace water heater

If the water heater starts to get old, it may be worthwhile to replace it before it breaks down and potentially causes leaks. We supply and install water heaters from Høiax and OSO - everything from small bench water heaters to large combi water heaters that both supply homes with tapwater and waterborne heat

Replacing the stopcock

Avoid leakage and replace stopcock before it gets too old. It is very important that the home has a functional stopcock that is easily accessible when you need it.

Install Reduction Valve

A reduction valve ensures an even pressure that does not increase beyond the capacity of the pipelines. New leak-proof pipe systems can withstand less pressure than the old copper pipes, and it is important to avoid sudden increases in water pressure that can damage the pipes.

Install leak stoppers

According to new regulations, water installations in rooms without drains must have leakage stops. The leak stopper has a sensor that detects moisture and automatically shuts off the water supply in the event of leaks. The most common place to install leak stops is in the kitchen, but toilet rooms without drains and rooms for water heaters must also be secured.

Bathroom Renovation

Our sister company Oslo Bad & Renovering AS main niche is to completely renovate bathrooms and wet rooms. We can offer the plumbing part of such a project. Our plumbers have extensive experience in renovating bathrooms.

Replacing main water and drain pipes

Replacement of main water pipes and drainage pipes is often an extensive job where you have to break floor dividers and open walls to gain access to the pipes. Therefore, many people choose to do this when renovating their bathroom.

Waterborne heat

We supply complete systems with waterborne underfloor heating. This is a form of heating that is becoming increasingly popular due to the distinctive even and good heat. This provides a good indoor climate, and is recommended by the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association. Underfloor heating also saves space and simplifies cleaning and furnishing