Install Reduction valves

A reduction valve ensures an even pressure that does not increase beyond the capacity of the pipelines. New leak-proof pipe systems can withstand less pressure than the old copper pipes, and it is important to avoid sudden increases in water pressure that can damage pipes and installations.

The Water and Sewerage Authority (Vann- og avløpsetaten in Norway) is obliged to deliver a water pressure of at least 2 bar. Inside the home, the pressure in the water pipes should not be higher than 6 bar. Optimally, they should be around 4-5 bar. If the pressure is too high, sanitary installations can be damaged. A pressure reducing valve lowers the water pressure inside the property.

Consumer responsibility

It is the consumer, and not the municipality, who is obliged to ensure that the property's sanitary facilities are in proper condition at all times. This also applies to necessary technical installations that ensure safe water supply from the municipal pipeline.

The Water and Sewerage Authority (Vann- og avløpsetaten in Norway) is not responsible for inconveniences or damage to sanitary facilities due to high pressure in the area. As long as a water pressure of at least 2 bar is delivered and a pressure increase is notified, the municipality is not liable for damages to sanitary facilities.

Is a reduction valve required?

In Oslo municipality «Subscription conditions for connection to the municipality's water and sewage pipes» states that the subscriber must ensure the installation of a reduction valve on the water system if the water pressure inside the building exceeds 6 bar.

If a reduction valve is not installed, there is a risk of damage to internal pipes and sanitary installations because the pressure is too high. However, the Water and Sewerage Authority does not have the authority to order the individual to install a reduction valve. This is an assessment each individual owner makes.

If there are several housing units that have a common connection to the municipal network, only one pressure reduction valve is required. Then it will be reasonable to go together for an installation.

Do you suspect poor water pressure?

Get in touch to measure the water pressure in your home. A plumber will consider whether you should install a reduction valve.