Framework Agreement

Large HVAC and plumbing systems in, for example, housing associations and condominiums require regular service and maintenance, both to give the system a longer service life, but also to ensure that the system works optimally.

Service Agreement and Framework Agreement with housing association and co-owner

We offer service and framework agreements for companies, housing associations and co-owners. This gives you predictability and security that the plumbing system maintains good condition for many years. The framework agreement includes fixed times for service and possible maintenance of the facility in the housing association / condominium. In addition, the plumbers will recommend measures for more profitable operations and possible upgrades if necessary. Everything is of course done in accordance with current norms and regulations.

With us as a permanent plumber, benefits are also provided in connection with other service assignments and major plumbing projects:

  • 10% discount on hourly rate
  • Prioritization before other service assignments
  • Plumbers who know the plant and thus work much faster and better

How to get a more profitable plumbing system?

A plumbing system in larger buildings often has a complex composition, and is affected by many external factors in order to function optimally. To ensure profitable operation, a plumber looks for, among other things:

  • whether it's too hot or too cold in the building.
  • how the heat is distributed in the building.
  • how long it takes to heat the water.
  • how good the water quality is.
  • whether the water pressure is suitable (not too high or low).
  • if there are irregularities in water and air temperature.

When we enter into a framework agreement with a housing association or co-ownership, a plumber will look at these and other factors when reviewing the facility to uncover how the facility is used and operated. The plumber will make recommendations on how to get the best possible utilization of energy consumption to increase the profitability of the operation of the building.

Regular inspections of the facility

The agreement includes regular inspections of the entire facility, both inside apartments (if needed), technical rooms and common areas. These inspections can reveal minor faults or deficiencies in the system that could potentially cause major damage over time. For example, it is typical for a plumber to carry out an inspection in the autumn before the cold comes, and again in the spring to ensure that the plant has not been damaged during the winter. If the building has radiators as a heat source, the plumber will aerate the system and prepare it for winter use.

All inspections are carried out by a qualified plumber

All inspections and service assignments are performed by a qualified plumber with extensive experience with large plumbing and plumbing systems. We also deliver a  report that describes the work that has been done.

Do you have any questions about framework agreements? Send an email to or call +47 954 21 962  to arrange a chat.