Plumbing maintenance

We offer small plumbing assignments such as replacement of kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets and shower sets, connection of new kitchen, toilet replacement, repair or inspection / assessment of leaks and other minor tasks.

Fixed Price

If you send us a picture and an explanation, we can in most cases offer a fixed price for the job. This means that there will be no extra costs if, for example, we have to do an extra round to a pipe wholesaler or the task takes a little longer than planned. We have good capacity and arrange most things quickly.

Assembly of products

Our plumbers can quickly deliver and assemble products we have in stock. See an overview of the products we have. You can of course order a plumber to install products you have bought elsewhere.

If you want a total price for product + assembly, you can send us a picture that shows where the product is to be mounted. Then we will be able to give a total fixed price for product and assembly. It does not get easier!

Send an e-mail to with a photo and we will get in touch!